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Love of God is so sweet: A story from Swami Vivekananda's life

swami vivekananda

Once Swami Vivekananda had to travel in a train, a disciple of his got him a second class ticket in the train. There was a rich business man sitting in the next seat. It was summer and it was very hot even inside a moving train. The rich man was preparing and drinking cool drinks, he was also having sweets.

Seeing swami tired, the rich man thought of giving him an advice "You know, why don't you work and earn money like me? Then you can also eat, drink and have all comforts." Swami hadn't eaten anything from 2 days, he kept quiet.

Both of them were getting down at the same station, as they were about to get down, a sweet meat seller was waiting at the door with a tray full of sweets and delicious food. As soon as Swami got down he offered Swami a chair he had brought and gave him the tray full of food to eat.

Swami asked him "Why are you giving me all these?"

The man replied "In the afternoon while I was having a nap, Lord Rama appeared to me in the dream and told me to give food to his starving devotee." Swami shed tears of joy, for the love God shows on his devotees is so sweet.

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