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Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa saves a scorpion

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa

Once Ramakrishna Paramahansa was walking along with some of his disciples across the river. He saw a scorpion floating on the surface in the river, struggling to survive; it must have been struggling there for some time, so it was trying to get out of there desperately, but in vain, as it was not able to successfully cross the river. 

When Ramakrishna saw this little creature struggling so hard, his heart melted, he ran into the water and lifted the scorpion, the scorpion which was already scared to death stung him in its fear.

Ramakrishna suddenly shook his hand in pain and dropped the scorpion. The scorpion fell back into the river and once again started to swim desperately. Ramakrishna lifted it again with his hand off the river and ran towards the edge of the river to save it, the scorpion stung him again in its confused state. This time he found a twig floating in the water and carefully moved the scorpion to the edge off the water.

One of the disciples who were watching all this happening asked his Guru 'O Master! Why did you lift it the second time? Even after it stung you causing so much pain?'

The Guru replied 'It is the nature of the scorpion, it will sting us when it is scared. It was struggling, it was in pain; it is my nature to help it. Should I give up my nature Just because it stung me ?'

When true love fills the heart, one treats other creatures like he treats himself


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