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Story of Ramanujacharya's Love


Sri Ramanujacharya is the propounder of Vishista Dvaita from Sriperumbudur. His Guru taught him the Taraka Mantra and instructed him that it should be shared only with disciples who are most deserving. All those who were shared the Taraka Mantra, whether deserving or undeserving, would go to Vaikunta (heaven). But if the mantra was given to an undeserving person, Ramanujacharya would have to go to Naraka (hell) a hundred times over for a hundred births.

The very next day, Ramanujacharya went atop a hill and called out, "Come everyone, I am going to initiate you into Taraka Mantra"

The other disciples of the Guru saw this and told the Guru that Ramanujacharya was indiscriminately distributing the Mantra. The Guru replied, "That’s Ramanuja, why do you think I have made him my premier disciple?"

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