Uniting EAST & WEST spiritually..!!

Q) Why the name AumAmen?

AUM symbolizes the Eastern religious traditions of which Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism (where onkar=OM+kar is used) are well known, AUM is considered as the holy word, it is also called 'the sound of creation'.

AMEN symbolizes the Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity,Islam (where amin is used, which is a variant of amen) and others. Amen is used at the end of prayers or speeches as a declaration of affirmation.

Each religion is a path (way of life) to reach god (divinity/immortality/liberation), though the different roads of religions appear to be diverging, they must finally join the 'spiritual highway' which leads to divinity. Our focus at AumAmen would be chiefly on the underlying common philosophies of eastern and western religions, so that east and west learn to appreciate the better in each other's philosophies

Q) What are the intentions?

To provide spiritual aspirants of each religion with sufficient spiritual support to help them progress in their spirituality. We will strive to provide references, links and sources as much as possible, so that you can use the inofrmation for further reference

We intend this site to be a community of spiritual seekers, our interest will be solely on the growth oriented positive aspects of all religions, we will not entertain hatred/ biased criticism of any one else's tradition. However we encourage comparitive studies of different traditions and healthy debates which lead to progress of individuals and help them in introspecting into their own traditions and thus help to follow the truth than the beliefs

We appreciate your inputs, please help us with your suggestions, and content submissions