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Love of a Radha (disciple) for Krishna (guru)

Radha Krishna A story of Krishna and Radha told by Paramahansa Yogananda, printed in the book 'The Divine Romance', his collection of lectures. An excerpt published here as it is (as it is wiser to present the original, so that the readers understand it as meant by the great Guru)

Lord Krishna expressed in his life pure love in its highest form. He has shown to the world that a love without any impurity can exist between man and woman. It is impossible to describe adequately his life for general public, because it was unique and transcended mundane laws and standards. Someday I hope to put in print the true significance of Krishna's life, for it has been much misunderstood and misinterpreted. His expression of divine love was unique in this world.

Krishna had many women disciples, but one favourite, Radha. Each disciple said to herself, "Krishna loves me more than anyone else." Still, because Krishna often talked to Radha, the others were envious of her. Noticing their jealousy, he wanted to teach them a lesson. So one day Krishna feigned a terrible headache. The anxious desciples expressed their great concern over the master's distress.

At last Krishna said, "The headache will go away if one of you will stand on my head and massage it with your feet." The horrified devoteed exclaimed, "We can not do this. You are god, the Lord of the Universe. It would be highest sacrilege to dare to descrete your form by touching your sacred head with our feet."

The master was pretending an increase in his pain when Radha came on the scene. She ran to her Lord, saying, "What can I do for you?" Krishna made the same request of her that he made of the other devotees. Radha immediately stood on his head; the master's "pain" disappeared, and he fell asleep. The other disciples angrily dragged Radha away from the sleeping Lord.

"We will kill you" , they threatened.

"But why?"

"You dare to step on the head of the master?"

"What of it?", Radha protested. "Did it not free him from his pain?"

"For such a sacrilegious act you will go to the lowest stratum of hades."

"Oh, is that what you are worrying about?" Radha smiled. "I would gladly live there forever if it would make him happy for a second"

Then they all bowed to Radha. They understood why Krishna favoured her; for Radha alone had no thought for herself, but only for her Lord's comfort.

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