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Q) Is the content on AumAmen copyrighted?

You are free to use the content, but please do not present it entirely as it is, use the sections which are useful to you. Look for relevant pages on wikipedia, they are always useful

Having said that, you should be careful of the content you are using, we do not own rights for all the content, you will have to specifically get the rights from respective owners in case they are copyrighted to someone. Pictures, Videos, books and such stuff are usually copyrighted. We publish them only if they are in public domain or if they are free to republish or if we have been granted rights from related people

Q) Can I publish the content from here entirely?

Yes you can, but please prvoide a hyperlink back to us so that Search Engines understand we wrote it. Please be sure before publishing that you are only publishing content not copyrighted by others (which we might have published here with their consent)