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Story of Bhamati, wife of Vachaspati Mishra: Love is unconditional


Vachaspati Misra was an young scholar, he was firmly on the path of spirituality. He had decided to dedicate his life to writing commentaries on "BrahmaSutras" and then to take on Sanyasa permanently.

Vatsala, mother of Vachaspati was very keen on him marrying a girl from the neighbhoring village and had talked with bride's father about the possible relationship.

Vachaspati, conveying his disinterest in marriage wrote to bride's father "I'm living in the village for the sake of completing commentaries on BrahmaSutras, I intend to leave the village and take "Sanyasa" afterwards. I won't make a good householder, who takes on all responsibilities and fulfils them satisfactorily."

Seeing this from the groom, Bhamati's (bride) father decides to break the relationship. But Bhamati, who hears Vachaspati's words from her father agrees to marry Vachaspati to her father's surprise.

Parents get them married on the auspicious day of "Guru Poornima", Vachaspati as soon as he returns home busies himself in writing, after completion of the commentaries, Vachaspati Brahma sees an young lady in the house whom he didn't remember of seeing before.

"Who are you young lady?" he asks.

"Man, I'm your wife. We were married seven years ago." says the lady.

Vachaspati remembers the past. Now he realizes how he had his food, bath, bed prepared from time to time. He remembered set of hands that served him food, which put off the lamp when he slept.

"Show me your hands." asks Vachaspati, Bhamati shows her hands. "Indeed these are the same hands I remember of seeing every day."

"I have completed my work, they are my contribution to humanity, now that I have paid my debt, I want to renounce this world."

"Do as you wish, I won't come in your way." says Bhamati, the woman who had served selflessly for seven years.

"Dear, what will you do when I'm gone?" asks Vachaspati fearing he is leaving an young woman in the middle.

"Same force that took care of me all these years, will take care of me, don't worry. I will consider it my fortune to have served you while you were making an extraordinary contribution to the world." says Bhamati making it easy for him to leave her.

Overcome by such selfless Love, Vachaspati says "I have never experienced such love, I'm forever grateful to you. I surrender all my life's work at your feet." Vachaspati recognized she was an extraordinary soul, though he leaves her at that time and moves away renouncing householder's life, it is said that he remembered her even after.

Vachaspati named his book "BHAMATI" so that everyone could remember her story. Today Bhamati is one of the schools of "Advaita Vedanta" named after the book Vachaspati wrote.

True Love is loving without expecting, it is far more greater than mere man-woman relationship. Service is one of its expressions.

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