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An incident from Ramakrishna & Vivekananda, story of true love

Rama Krishna ParamahansaSwami Vivekananda

Narendra (Swami Vivekananda) had just lost his father and was in lot of debt. Once Ramakrishna Paramahansa was talking with Narendra and other few disciples. During the conversation Ramakrishna said to a devotee who was rich "Narendra has lost his father, his family is in trouble, it would be great if his friends help him in this time of need."

After that rich fellow left the place, Naren who was angry said to his Guru Ramakrishna "Why did you have to tell him all that?", he was angry for his pride and his family's esteem were hurt.

Seeing Naren hurt, Ramakrishna with tears in his eyes said "Naren, don't you know I'm ready to do anything for you? I will go from house to house begging for you."

Naren knew his master truly meant it, touched by the love of the saint he wept and felt ashamed of his behavior.

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