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A man found god through his love for his wife

Man Woman Love (This is a story told by Paramahansa Yogananda during one of his lectures at SRF temple, Hollywood, California, October 1943. A story of a man who found god through his true love for his wife. Excerpt is taken as narrated by Swami Yogananda)

"I met a man of unselfish devotion in this country. He deeply loved his wife, so much so that his love for her became transmuted into divine love. After she died, he wandered for years, seeking a way to find her again. At last he did succeed. In the end, he found God through his love for her."

"This is the story as he told it to me: In his wanderings after her death, he sought out a great saint in the Himalayas. He persuaded the holy man to promise to give spiritual initiation to him and his wife together. After assuring him of his promise, the saint asked, 'Where is your wife?'

The husband then told him that she was dead. The saint nevertheless kept his promise to give initiation to the two together. He instructed the man to sit in meditation, and began to invoke the presence of the wife. Suddenly she appeared. For a long time she talked with her husband. Then the two sat together and received initiation from the saint.

Afterward, the holy one blessed them, and the wife departed. From the moment, the husband realized that the beloved form he had known as wife was in reality an individualized manifestation of the consciousness of God- as in every human being. The true meaning of divine love, which is behind and responsible for every ideal human relationship, was revealed to him. His was a unique and true experience.

But conjugal love is tricky, and most people leave this world with an unsatisfied heart. 

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