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Story of religious Tolerance: Goddess Kshira Bhavani & Vivekananda

swami vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda visited Kashmir in the year 1898, while visiting the 'Mother Kshira Bhavani' temple he saw all the destruction the Islamic invaders had done to the statues and the temple. Swami was hurt and was angry at the foolish invaders, he prayed to 'Mother Kshira Bhavani' "Mother, why do you let them do this? why did you let them destroy your own temple and your own statues?"

Immediately as a response Swamiji heard a voice speak to him "How is it your business? Why do you bother with 'why I let the invaders do this'? Is it you who protects me? or is it me who protects you?"

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