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Greed is not good, desires burn up all the real pleasures of life

Paramahansa Yogananda

(From his Audio CD 'Awake In the Cosmic Dream')

I remember there was a little boy in my school in India, he was so greedy, when food was being served, I had told the cook to give him twice. But the boy's mind was not on the plate, his mind was always on the platter, he was thinking of what he was going to miss. I said to him one day it awakened him.

I said "You always look at the platter, what you are going to miss, but you forget I have doubled your food." I would always feed him to the neck, but he would go and steal food and come back. 

I said "Doesn't that greed cause you pain and constipation and trouble?" when I analyzed that he stopped being greedy. But if I had just said that 'you are very greedy' that wouldn't have worked.

When I explained to him that 'You should eat and food should not eat you, the food would eat you up, destroy your health' then he stopped. That's what most people think, that they are having fun, but they are not having fun. Inside remember desires burn up all the real pleasures of life. Too many desires then you don't know what to do with desires.

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