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Akrura a great devotee of Lord Krishna

King Akrura, a devotee of Lord Krishna

Akrura, a minister of Kansa was also a blood relative of Krishna. He was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. Kansa had invited Krishna and Balaram for the 'worship of Bow' ceremony and had sent Akrura to escort them.

Akrura was an ardent devotee of Krishna, his heart was so focussed on Krishna that throughout the journey to Brindavan he thought only of Krishna.

When he reached the Brindavan, he saw Krishna's footsteps on the sand. He was so overcome with devotion he rolled himself on the great one's foot marks. Such was his love for the greatness of Krishna. Indeed he was a spiritually ascended one to recognize the higher state of Lord Krishna.

He was very joyous to accompany both Krishna and Balarama on their way to Mathura. On the way Akrura stopped the chariot and cautioned them to be careful as he went to the Yamuna river for worshipping. When he dipped his head in the water he saw forms of Krishna and Balarama inside the water.

It was bewildering; he looked back to the chariot and saw both of them sitting there. Imagining that he was only hallucinating he dipped back into the water. This time he saw Lord Krishna in his divine form, Akrura felt he was blessed by the Lord to have a vision of his grand form.

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