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Pride of a Radha (disciple)

Radha Krishna A story of Radha and Krishna told by Paramahansa Yogananda, this story is from the book of collection of his lectures 'The Divine Romance

Because Radha received much special attention, Radha became filled with pride. So one day the Lord Krishna said to her, "Let us steal away together." He played on her vanity, nuiking her think he wanted to be alone with her. She was feeling very happy and favorued. They walked some distance, and Krishna wasn't at all inclined to stop for rest.

Finally the weary Radha suggested, "Here is a nice place to sit for a while."

Krishna looked disinterested and replied, "Let us find a better spot."

They walked and walked. At last the exhausted Radha complained, "I cannot walk any further."

Krishna said, "All right, do you want me to carry you?"

This very much pleased Radha's vanity. But even as she sprang to his back, lo! Krishna was gone; she fell in a heap on the ground. Her pride shattered, on her knees she humbly cried, "My beloved Lord, I was wrong in wanting to possess and control you. Please forgive me."

Krishna reappeared and blessed her. Radha had learned a great lesson that day. It was a grievous error to look upon the Master as an ordinary man, to be ensnared and controlled by feminine wiles. She realized that the Master was interested not in her form, but in her soul.

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