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Love of Gopis

Radha Krishna

It was a time when Sri Krishna had moved from Vrindavan and Mathura and had settled in Dwaraka, with Satyabhama and Rukmini as wives. At night, his wives found Sri Krishna calling out the names of several Gopikas aloud, in his dreams. They were greatly aggrieved as they had been doing his 'seva' with extreme devotion. The time had come for Sri Krishna to enact one of his famous dramas. He suddenly fell sick with severe stomach ache. Several physicians came but their medications and treatments were of no avail. Then, Sage Narada arrived. He was told of Sri Krishnas' grave condition. Narada suggested a 'Siddha Aushada' (Siddha medicine) to cure this malady.

It was the dust from someone's feet. If the dust from anybody's feet could be offered to Sri Krishna, his malady could be cured. Nobody, including Satyabhama and Rukmini, were ready to offer this to him as they were mortally afraid of going to hell for this ultimate crime of feeding Sri Bhagwan Krishna with their 'paada-dhuli' (dust from their feet).

Narada disappeared and appeared before the Gopikas in Vrindavan. The Gopis asked about Sri Krishna's well being and were stricken when told that he was bed-ridden due to an acute stomach illness. Narada then told them about the antidote to his illness. Presto! All the Gopikas most willingly offered their 'pada-dhuli' to him despite being warned of the 'karma' (the law of moral causation) it would generate.

(From Sri M's walk of Hope Website)


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