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Obedience to Guru: story of Lord Ganesha

Lord Shree Ganesha’s appearance teaches us a lot of lessons. If we consider Lord Shree Ganesha’s one broken tusk depicts something that we should learn is “obedience to Guru”. 

Sage Vyasa wanted someone to write Mahabharata as he dictates without interrupting him and without stopping until he completes fully story. Lord Ganesha agreed to do it, and started writing it as the sage started dictating. The writing of the epic continued for some days and Lord Ganesha was continuously writing it without stopping.

 The stylus or pen used by Ganesha while writing broke in between, so not to disturb the Guru and to be obedient he broke one of his tusk and continued writing the epic without stopping. This symbolically explains that any amount of sacrifice is not too much to gain knowledge.


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