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Forgive Others: story of Lord Ganesha

Once Lord Ganesha was invited to a big feast and there were many dishes and sweets prepared for him. Since he was fond of sweets, he started having much than his normal capacity.

He noticed that his stomach was swollen and it made him feel guilty. Since he dint want anyone to notice him in such a situation, he grab hold of a snake and wrapped it around his stomach to disguise his swollen belly. Still he dint feel like moving out in such condition so he was waiting for night to fall so that no one can see him. As it became dark Lord Ganesha started to his place but moon saw Lord Ganesha and started laughing nonstop, seeing this Lord Ganesha got angry and cursed the moon that he will be invisible on day from that day onwards.

            Hearing this Moon was shocked and begged for forgiveness. Lord Ganesha wanted to forgive Moon but he couldn’t revoke his curse so he proclaimed that the moon would grow thinner each day and remain invisible for one day in a month, which we call as amavasya which we consider as inauspicious. This story tells us the moral that we should be kind in our actions and forgive those who repent for their mistakes.


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