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Story of how Srimad Bhagavatam was written

ShukDev & vyasa

Shuka, son of Vyasa was a born sage, even at the tender age of 5-6 he was spiritually inclined while rest of the kids his age were nature bound to indulge in games and stuff children do.

Shuka studied all the scriptures in youth and came to a decision, "Father You have been too attached to me, I won't be able to progress spiritually under you, I must part my way with you in quest of higher knowledge, it will be good for you as well." he said to his father and started walking away in fast pace.

Overcome by emotion, Vyasa followed him, "Listen my son, there is still plenty I can teach you, stop there, come back to me."

Young Shuka wasn't going to listen to any excuse from his father, his mind was set, he kept walking away in brisk pace, while his father walked behind him with a painful heart.

At a distance a few celestial nymphs were bathing in the pond, they saw Shuka, a young radiant little clad man walking, they rejoiced at the sight of his glowing face. Soon the old Vyasa walked the same path, the nymphs who were almost nude started to cover their bodies in shyness.

Vyasa who observed this went back to them and asked, "Pardon me O celestial ladies, you saw my young son walking this path but you didn't cover your bodies, but when you saw me, an old man you covered yourselves, why is that?"

The celestial ladies replied "When we saw him, it did not make us conscious that he was a man, but when we saw you, we felt we were seeing a man, that made us shy." Vyasa realized his son was spiritually soaring, he had even crossed nature born limitations we have as humans, Shuka was neither a man nor a woman, for he had realized himself to be beyond such limitations, which still troubled the great sage Vyasa.

Vyasa sat there thinking why he could not attain such higher state, what mistake he had done. His Guru Sage Narada appeared to him and said "My dear Vyasa, you have done great things, you have written entire Mahabharata, you have segregated the Vedas, yet the higher states elude you. You have done great intellectual works, you need devotion. Write about the life of Lord Vishnu & his devotess, it will help the whole world and you as well.

And that is how Srimad Bhagavatam came into being.


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