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Guru’s Love to his Disciple - Krishna and Haridas

Usually we have heard many stories about the students sacrifice or great offerings to their masters or guru’s. But here we have a story about the Guru who can do anything for his disciple.

Saint Haridas as we know he was a prominent Vaishnava saint who has spread the Hare Krishna movement. Saint Haridas was born as Muslim and then he became a great devotee of Krishna and converted himself as a Brahmana.

It is said that in his previous birth he was son of Richika Muni and Prahlad, and while Lord Krishna visit to their place saint haridas as son of Richika muni picked a tulasi leaf and offered it to Krishna without washing it, so his father cursed him to become a mleccha (non vaishnava) in his next birth.

Saint Haridas has to chant the name of Lord Krishna 3,000,000 times daily. As Hari Das Thakur grew old, it became difficult for him to maintain his vow of chanting 3,000,000 times every day. Seeing his pain Lord Krishna told him that he is his great disciple no need for him to show such attachment for devotional service in practice; he could thus reduce the number of Holy Names that he chanted every day. Hari Das then revealed what was really bothering him.

Saint Haridas knew that Lord Krishna would soon be ending his times in this world and he wished to leave before him. The affectionate Lord granted him his wish, even though Lord Krishna was not happy with the decision.

Saint Haridas Thakur sat in front of Lord Krishna and then, as the tears flowed from his eyes, he gazed at the Lord's face and took his feet on his chest and, while chanting the names "Krishna Chaitanya", voluntarily left his body like Bhishma. When Saint Haridas gave up his body, Lord Krishna took “Biksha” in the market of Puri and collected money for the ‘Vijaya Yathra’ of his disciple. When other disciples wanted to bear the holy body of Haridas on their shoulders with great eager, Lord didn’t give them that opportunity and he alone carried the holy body of the very great Haridas to the ‘Rudra Bhoomi’. Lord Krishna’s love for Haridas is immeasurable.

Moral of the Story: Guru's Love is beyond of everything

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