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God always helps us – we should have belief in him

There was a devotional person in a village, he usually spent his day remembering, chanting and serving God.

People used to go to him for help, he always used to preach that God always comes to help us whenever we are in trouble.

One day in his village it was continuously raining and the whole village was covered by floods. He started praying and calling God. He went to first floor to save himself from the rising waters, a boatman came in his boat and asked him to jump into the boat. But he refused and said God will come and help him out, so the boatman went away.

Water started increasing and the man climbed to second floor and continued praying again, the boatman came again and asked him to come into the boat, but again the person refused and said God will come to help him.

The water level increased further, and he went to terrace and continued praying God, again the boatman came to rescue him but he ignored him and continued praying for help.

Unfortunately water level increased further and he was washed away by the floods, his soul reached heaven and he met God and asked, 'why didn't you come to rescue me when I was struggling in floods, you know that I never missed remembering and praying you. But you still didn't come to help me out during my struggle.'

God replied 'I came to help you, but you weren't willing to take it, not only once but thrice in the form of the boatman, but you couldn’t recognize me'

We should never expect god to come directly and help us, he will send someone or he will come in any form to help, we should see God in all and help others and make all happy, then God will be pleased by us because we are indirectly making God happy.

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