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Birth of River Kaveri - God Comes in Different Forms to help us


King Kavera always wanted his people to be happy, he wanted to help people, so he started to do tapasya/deep meditation. Pleased by his tapasya Lord Shiva appeared to fulfill his wish. Lord Shiva told him that he will be blessed with a daughter who will fulfill his wish. 

King Kavera was very happy and named his daughter as Kaveri. She married sage Agastya, they both led their life by helping people. Once a demon named Shoorapadma, was troubling people by stopping rain reaching earth. Kaveri tried to help people in different ways she can and kept praying God.

One day Sage Agastya went to a lake to have his bath, but he felt it is not safe for Kaveri to be let alone in ashram. He turned Kaveri into a water and put her in his Kamandala(utensil used by Sages to carry holy water). As he entered into lake, living the Kamandala in the river bank Lord Ganesha came in the form of crow and hit the Kamandala, the water from it flowed and turned into a river.

This is how Kaveri helped people by converting herself into water. God always comes in different forms to help suffering people and all our prayers will be answered in one way or the other, it might take time but always gods helps the people and never leave our hands.


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