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Story of King Janaka: I am God

King Janaka

King Janaka is talked about in lot many Scriptures as the Sage king who got enlightened even while taking on responsibilities of a King.

Once King Janaka was worshiping Lord Shiva in the temple within the palace. With full devotion he was performing rituals.

In the middle of the worshiping, he attained Realization, he understood he himself is the Creator.  The source of all Creation, all existence is at the centre of his self, God is in the heart of everyone, that "God is centre everywhere & circumference nowhere."

With that realization he continued his worshiping, he stopped offering flowers to the statue, he started throwing flowers on top of his head which he now realized to be the source of whole existence. With that realization, King Janaka performed all his actions for the rest of his life. He lived like a sage even while being a king.


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