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Each and Every creation of God has a Reason

God Shiva Once a traveller was travelling to his native on a horse and he was very tired after a long journey. So he taught of taking rest under the tree which was close by. The place he found was cool and filled with greenery, so he decided to rest there for a while.

He saw a creeper nearby which was a pumpkin plant. There was a raw huge pumpkin grown in the creeper which he saw and started laughing that 'how crazy God is', 'he doesn’t even know how to create this world' he thought. He has given a huge fruit to a creeper which cannot even hold it, and this big tree has so small fruits.

Suddenly a fruit from the tree fell on his head, he suddenly realized about his foolish thought and told God 'you’re really great, if the pumpkin was to be grown in this tree then if it hits me it would have hurt me a lot. As it was a small fruit it didn’t hurt me at all now. Lord your creation is great; you do everything with a reason'

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