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Lord Ganesha symbolism

Lord Ganesha Symbolism

Lord Ganesha

  • (big) Head: Think Big; Be wise
  • Crown: Be established in the supreme state
  • (small) Eyes: Concentrate; Don't get interested in the world, be internalized
  • Rope: To pull devotees upwards
  • One tusk: Retain good throw away bad
  • Trunk: Efficiency and adaptability
  • Modaka/ Sweets: Rewards of Sadhana; Siddhis; bliss/ peace/ contentment
  • Mouse: Mind, which if not controlled is the root of all suffering
  • Prasada/ offerings: All pleasures lie at his foot, he who is self-realized
  • Large Stomach: Take all difficulties inside and still be undisturbed; equanimity
  • Big Legs: Be firm in dispassion; Be emotionally strong yet tender
  • Blessings: Affirmation of protection (I will be there for you)
  • Small mouth: Talk less; don't be attached to food; don't be attached to all the powers and pleasures you get
  • Axe: Cut all bonds of attachment; Be ready with the sword of discrimination to cut through ignorance
  • Large Ears: Listen without predisposition (we will learn more that way); learn with maximum concentration possible


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