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A black man who was not allowed inside the church

Paramahansa Yogananda

There was a lot of prejudice in this Church, there was a negro Janitor who always wanted to sit in the pews of the white church. I don't see why they call Black and White, because when you remove the skin they are all red and horrible.

The minister was a good man, but he did not dare to sit him there 'If I let you sit here, there won't be any congregation' said the minister, he promised him that he would let him one day, but he couldn't keep his promise, everybody objected and threatened to leave the church.

So he was crying to Lord Jesus 'Please tell me Jesus, why can't I sit in the pews?'

Christ came and said 'Well, you shouldn't be at all grieved about it, this church has been created three years isn't it? And I have been trying to get inside for three years and I have not been able'

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