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Enjoy life but don't be attached to it: Sir M Visvesvarayya's story

 sir m visvesvarayya

Sir M Vishveshwarayya was one of the builders of modern India, southern Indian state of Karnataka still remembers him for his contribution in building dams, electricity projects, financial banks and so on.

This is an unverified story I have heard of him. Don't vouch that it exactly happened as I'm going to write, but it certainly is one of the inspiring stories, worth writing.

Vishveshwarayya had lost two wives. His third wife was very young in age. She had an affair with the car driver of Sir MV. She had planned to runaway with the driver, when she was just about to step out of the house, Sri MV unexpectedly enters the house, tells her to wait till he retuns. He comes out with lot of cash in hand and gives it to her along with his blessings, and says "You are going to start a new family, you will need it. Good luck."

Moral of the story: Enjoy life, but never be attached, don't try to possess, Let go with full heart when it is time.


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