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Eleven Paths of Bhakti (Devotion) mentioned in Bhagavata Purana

Lord Sri Krishna Lifting Govardhana Giri Bhagavata Purana mentions Eleven types/ paths of Devotion/ Bhakti. These are the ways one can achieve Salvation/ Moksha. Listed below are the ways and famous people who have attained salvation from each path of Devotion.

Path of DevotionBest example
1) Through Hearing about God King Parikshit
2) Through Chanting of Devotional songs Devarshi Narada
3) Through Remembrane of the Lord Prahlad
4) Through Attending to Lord's feet Godess Lakshmi
5) Through Worship and offering King Prithu
6) Through Singing in Praise of the Lord Boliraj
7) Through Service to Lord Lord Hanuman, through his service to Lord Rama
8) Through Divine friendship Arjuna, through his friendship to Lord Krishna
9) Through self surrender to the Lord Karna
10) Through Meditation and concentration Lord Mahadeva
11) Through Love and longing Radha, through her longing for Lord Krishna

In lower ages (KaliYuga and Dwapara) devotion is recommended by the sages as the best way to God. It is also recommended that a devotee follows a path which is a combination of these paths. A devotee must strive with his full strength to keep God in his mind all the time.


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