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What are the ashta (8) Siddhis and nava (9) nidhis

Lord Hanuman

Ashta Siddhis and  Nava Nidhis are mentioned in Hanuman Chalisa Verse 31..

Ashta siddhi nava nidhi ke dātā, asa bara dīnha jānakī mātā


Mother Sita granted you a boon to become the bestower of 8 Siddhis (supernatural powers) and 9 Nidhis (divine treasures)

8 Siddhis (Supernatural powers) are:

  1. Aṇimā: Ability to reduce one's size
  2. Mahima: Ability to increase one's size
  3. Garima: Ability to increase one's weight infinitely
  4. Laghima: Ability to become lighter than the lightest
  5. Prāpti: Ability to Obtain anything
  6. Prākāmya: Ability to acquire anything desired
  7. Iṣiṭva: Lordship over creation
  8. Vaśitva: Having control over things

9 Nidhis (treasures) are:

  1. Mahapadma: Great lotus flower
  2. Padma: Lotus/ a Himalayan lake with treasures
  3. Shankha: Conch shell
  4. Makara: Crocodile/ Antimony
  5. Kachchhapa: Tortoise or turtle shell
  6. Mukunda: Cinnabar/ Quick Silver
  7. Kunda: Jasmine/ Arsenic
  8. Nila: Sapphire/ Antimony
  9. Kharva: Cups, vessels baked in fire


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