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Story of Shukdev meeting King Janaka

Shukdev meets Janaka

Shukadev, son of sage Vyasa was keen on learning higher spiritual knowledge, one day his father Vyasa said "My son, you should go meet King Janaka, he is an ocean of wisdom, it will help you."

Shuka was keen on learning, but he was doubtful of the knowledge a Palace dwelling king can possess.

He went to the palace sought King's appointment, King Janaka welcomed him dearly.

"O Shukadeva, Son of Vyasa, my child, what can I do for you?" said the king.

"My father sent me to you, to learn higher spiritual knowledge, Please take me as your student. I must ask you, I don't understand, 'how can a palace dwelling king indulged in the wealth of palace, in the company of queen and children be such a highly recommended Yogi?'" said the straightforward Shuka.

"We wil ltalk about that later, if you want to be my student, you have to pass a test, take this cup of oil, keep it on your head, go around the palace, keenly observe every room, I will need every detail from you, also you shouldn't spill even a drop of this oil if you want to be my student."

Shuka walked into each room of the palace, observed every room in detail and came back in the evening. "O King, I have fulfilled your task." said the young Shuka.

King Janaka asked many questions to confirm that he had indeed completed his task without fail, King asked Shuka "How could you observe every room in such detail when you had a full cup of oil on your head?"

"I observed every room, but my focus was always on the cup." said Shuka.

"Same way, though I live in this world performing my duties as a king, husband, father, I always keep my focus on the higher reality." said King Janaka answering Shuka's earlier question.

Satisfied with each other's abilities, they continued their studies.


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