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St Teresa of Avila meets Jesus Christ

Saint Teresa Of Avila

Once Teresa of Avila was traveling on a mule along with other nuns visiting the new church that was founded recently, there were festivities of dedicating the Church so the nuns were all visiting.

There was a river on the way, Teresa was behind and the group was little ahead of her. The whole group crossed the river except for Teresa. When Teresa's mule was in the middle of the river, a strong wave appeared in the river and in a sweap it englufed Teresa. 


Nuns who were watching it thought they had lost Teresa. Teresa found herself on the otherside of the river with her clothes all wet. She was sad because of the time God had chosen for this to happen.

"Why did you let this happen to me, Lord? especially at this time?" She prayed.

Jesus appeared in front of her, he had a playful smile on his face as he said "Don't be sad Teresa, this is how I treat all my good friends."

Teresa who was happy to see Jesus, was no more in the complaining mood, she playfully replaied "No wonder you’ve got so few friends, my Lord"

(It was such a divine friendship Teresa shared with Jesus and other saints)


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