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Story of Teresa of Avila: Love of God vs Love of Man

St. Teresa Of Avila

Teresa was an young attractive woman when she joined monastery, the Church wasn't funded well those days.

The Nuns in the monastery used to talk to public regarding their spiritual crises and personally guide them, when the people of the town heard of young & beautiful Teresa, they came to see her in big numbers, there were generous contributions to the Church as well.

There was a young & handsome wealthy man who wanted Teresa's hand in marriage, Of course Teresa was not interested. Persuaded by the other Nuns she went to talk to him about his religious life.

They both talked and it felt pleasant, she fantasized about him a bit on her way back to her room, she felt an attraction towards him. Jesus appeared to her in her room as she was day-dreaming and said "Teresa, I have come to show you the Love of God, not the Love of Man. Love of Man is fleeting, Love of God is eternal." And that was it, she left her attraction then and there, never to fall in Love with any other man but Divine.


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