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Law of Karma: is it Like an Eye for an Eye

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Question: What is Karma? is it Like an Eye For Eye Law?

Eye for an Eye is a much cruder way of explaining the Law. "As you Sow, So You Reap." is perhaps a better way to explain Karma.

Let's Look into the How Karma is said to work.

  • Psychological Karma: This is a very natural, scientific thing, it doesn't have much to do with Religion. How you prepare your mind today will result in how it reacts tomorrow. Mind is a thing of habit; what experiences, ideas we teach it, what practices we reinforce on get strengthened and becomes our default mind.
  • Karma as One's own making: In Indian thought Body is Formed by Mind, We are a union of Body, Mind and Spirit. If Mind strongly believes part of itself to be deformed, the body will have that deformity. It is not a "As you sow, So you reap" Law, but it is more of a "You are Your Own making" kind of Law.
    • Ian Stevenson a scholar from Harvard Psychology department recorded and studied 3000+ incidents of Reincarnation and found 300+ of them to be better explained by Karma than any other phenomenon. Amongst those 300 Most had scars or disabilities in the body parts they had been either severed or hurt at the end of past lives. Indian philosophical conclusion can be that, the individual seriously felt the trauma of losing the body part and while creating the new body in a new womb, that particular part didn't form, because of Past trauma & assumption of missing that part.
  • Karma of Attraction & Repulsion: The mind is said to be one space, All of us, though have individual minds, have connection to the collective mind, we can influence each other mentally if one knows how to, there are numerous instances of Yogis doing that. When we fear something or like something deeply, we are creating thoughts in the universal mind, by creating such thoughts we attract Bad that we fear, and the good we desire. Whole world is said to be a creation of Mind, if one's thoughts are powerful enough one can alter the collective mind.
  • Karma of Five-Elements: Our Actions are said to have Karma, our actions find their counterpart through the five elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Space. Our Karma is said to find fulfilment through these vehicles.
  • Karma as a Debt: All our thoughts are said to be recorded in the universal mind, each intention is said to have its counterpart which needs to be neutralized.

Conclusion: Karma is a broad subject, reducing it to simple law doesn't help, each instance has to be dealt differently.


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