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What is the Nature of God?

Dattatreya Muni

In Chapter 5, Hemalekha, an enlightened princess explains the qualities of God to her husband prince HemaChuda as follows, she is talking of God as her Mother.

For that supreme Good one, my mother, is ever pure and clear, more extensive than space and subtler than the subtlest; she is omniscient, yet of limited knowledge; she does all works, yet remains inactive; she holds up all, herself being unsupported; all depend on her, yet she is independent; all forms are hers, but she is formless; all belong to her, but she is unattached; though illuminating all, she is not known to anyone under any circumstances; she is bliss, yet not blissful; she has no father nor mother; innumerable are her daughters, like me.

This stanza has the essence of God as described in Hinduism.


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