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What we are searching is within us: Story of Princess of Kolkata


There was a festival celebration in the court of King of Kolkata. As part of the festival there was a play arranged for the entertainment of the guests. The Play needed a 5 year old girl for a small part and the whole palace was searching for a little girl to play the part. 

The Queen heard the commotion and thought of a plan, "Let's dress up the Prince as princess, he is of the right age and nobody will know." Director of the play thought it to be a brilliant idea, they dressed the little prince in a little girl's attire. After the play, Queen was so awed by the prince's cuteness as a girl, she brought an artist to paint a picture of the prince.

After many years when the Prince was about 20 years of age, he was once walking around in the old rooms of the palace, in one of the store rooms he found a picture of a girl. The Prince thought "That's a very pretty girl", Below the paint the date of the painting was written, the prince made some calculations and realized the princess must be of the same age as his now.

The Prince was thrilled, day and night he fantasized about the princess imagining how she should look now. The wise old minister who observed changes in Prince's behavior realized that the prince has been smitten by Love.

"What is the story my Prince, you seem to be lost in your own thoughts these days without any interest in the matters of kingdom?" asked the Wise Old minister.

"It's nothing." said the Prince trying to avoid him.

"Please, you must tell me, I might be of some help." assured the Minister.

"May be he can be of help," thought the Prince "There is a girl I'm in Love with." he said.

"Aaha, that's the matter." smiled the minister "What is her name?" he asked.

"I don't know." answered the Prince.

"Who is her father, That might help us find her."

"I don't know." again said the Prince.

"Where did you see her? we can try to find her there again." The Minister tried to help.

The prince was little embarrassed, he took the minister to the old store room and showed the Picture of the Princess.

"But that's a little Girl," said the Minister "Well, she seems to be of same age as you My Lord." said the Minister looking at the date below, there was something about that picture that felt familiar to him, suddenly a smile appeared on his face as the realization dawned on him.

"Now tell me Wise one, where can I find her?" asked the curious Prince.

"Oh my Lord, Thou are that." Smiled the Minister.

The Old Minister explained everything about the picture, as soon as the Prince realized it was his own old picture, Suddenly all his desire for the Princess Vanished.

Message: The realization the I'm that spirit, which is everything, everything we desire, every experience we experience. The Subject, The Object and the Observation is Consciousness alone which is also the self, this realization sets us free from desires permanently.


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