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Uniting EAST & WEST spiritually..!!

The Bishop's Wife (1947)

The Bishop's wife

A bishop is in trouble, he needs financial support to build a cathedral, his family life is in trouble as well, he prays for guidance. An angel named 'Dudley' is sent to earth to help the Bishop in his time of crisis.

Julia, the Bishop's wife feels distant from her husband as he is always busy with church matters having no time for his wife or daughter Debby.

There is Mrs Agnes Hamilton, who wants to donate all the money Bishop needs for the Cathedral but on the condition that the Cathedral is built where she wants it to be and that the cathedral has her husband's pictures/ statues. The Bishop does not agree to her as he feels it is morally not correct to do so.

Meanwhile the Angel sent as help begins to like Bishop's wife Julia, they both get closer which in turn adds more to Bishop's worries. Everybody around Dudley is charmed by his knowledge. He even performs small miracles sometimes for fun.

Bishop finally understands he has taken church too seriously over his family and wants to mend, Dudley convinces Agnes to donate money to poor rather than for the Cathedral.

Dudley leaves earth after successfully guiding Bishop out of his family troubles as well as spiritual ones


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