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The Mighty Macs (2009): movie review

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 An American movie directed by Tim Chambers, with Carla Gugino, Ellen Burstyn, Marley Shelton and David Boreanaz appearing in the leading roles.

A movie based on the true story of Immaculata College Basketball team of 1972. A certainly underdog team which had neither sufficient funds nor sufficient supporting staff made their way through the difficulties to become the national champions. In fact 'The Mighty Macs' went on to win the championship title for 3 consecutive years under the coach Cathy Rush.

The Story

An all girls Catholic college (Immaculata college) run by a small group of nuns appoints Cathy Rush, a former champion basketball player as their coach. Cathy, whose career ended because of lack of support to her college team is now newly married and looking for positive change of events in her life. She takes the job even though it pays her very less, she is on a mission to prove herself.

She musters a small college team of just 11 interested girls, of which some quit eventually. A young nun who had been a player while in college agrees to become the assistant to coach. Immaculata monastery is facing financial difficulties at the same time making it difficult for the team to get any necessary support.

Girls who attend the 'Immaculata College' mostly come from working class families and are not very keen on giving up their part time works for the practice. Cathy tries very hard to train them; it is a challenge for her even to make them believe in their own abilities. They lose most of their initial practice matches.

Tough training under Cathy Rush boosts the confidence in the team, they slowly start winning the matches; 'Mighty Macs' become a competitive team gradually, they win every match in the qualifiers, but only to lose to the top ranked team in the final, that too in a very disappointing way.

When all of their hopes were lost, they surprisingly get an invitation to play in the national championships. 'Macs' who are ranked very low fight their way through to beat the top teams in the tournament and to everyone's surprise they make it into finals, where they have to face the top ranked team, the team which beat them thoroughly in the regional qualifiers.

'Macs' take the challenge head on this time and manage a narrow win against the giants of the game.

What makes it special?

A young nun who is finding it difficult to be on the path gets a chance to rejuvenate her faith. An underdog team rises to become the champions. Girls inspired by their coach become confident enough to become the champs. Sisters are joy to watch. Very inspiring and has spiritual values too.



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