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Markata Kishora Nyaya, Maarjaala Kishora Nyaya

markata maarjaala kishora nyaya

There are two types of spiritual aspirants based on their approach. These approaches are called the principles (Nyaya)

1. Markata Kishora Nyaya; Monkey Baby Principle (Markata=monkey, kishora=baby, Nyaya=principle/law)

Some spiritual aspirants hang on to God like baby monkeys hang on to their mother, baby monkeys clutch their mother so tight that they won't fall even when the mother jumps from tree to tree. In the same way some devotees cling on to God (spiritual practices) even under extreme testing conditions. These devotees are consistent in their spiritual practice, and are capable of extraordinary efforts.

2. Maarjaala Kishora Nyaya; Kitten principle (Maarjaala=cat, kishora=baby, Nyaya=principle/law)

Some spiritual aspirants stay wherever the God has placed them. Like the kittens which are carried by their mother and placed wherever the mother thinks is good for the child, these devotees trust God to take care of them, these devotees are spiritually well advanced and knowingly let God care for them.

There is another analogy associated with this; A Guru takes care of a disciple like a cat holding its baby, and a good disciple hangs on to his Guru like a baby monkey.


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