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When Radhanath Swami was living in the Himalayas, everyday he would go with a Sadhu named Narayan Prasad to meet the best friend of the Sadhu- Mohammad, Each day Narayan who was a Hindu, a devotee of Lord Rama; Mohammad a Muslim and Radhanath Swami (who was from a Jewish tradition) would discuss their traditions and share what they had learned.

Narayan would discuss from the Gita and Ramayan, Mohammad would discuss from the Quran. The discussions were very interesting and were to enrich each other rather than to condemn the other's tradition.

Surprised at how friendly and wonderful these two friends were, Radhanath Swami one day asked Narayan Prasad "How is it in a country where there is so much communal hatred and violence that you two are best friends, he is a Muslim and you are a Hindu?"

Narayan Prasad replied "A dog recognizes his master no matter in whatever way he dresses. The master may be in a Tuxedo, he may be dressed in a T-shirt and blue jeans, or he may be just wearing an underwear,  even if he is not dressed at all the dog will recognize the master and love him. If we can not recognize our master when the Lord comes in different dresses in different times to different people in different places, we are lower than the dog and we have so much to learn from the dog."


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