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Who should read Bhagavad Gita? Who is it for?

Krishna Preaching Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita is a text on Spirituality. Anybody can read it regardless of one's Religion, Education, Age or Gender. There is enough for each to appreciate. At least some of the verses will stick to heart for each.

  • A devotee will find God's Love and assurance from God of Liberation.
  • An intellectual man/woman will find wisdom to stimulate his/her intelligence which can change his/her Life perspective for better.
  • A Virtuous man/woman can learn about "Right Action" (KarmaYoga) which can free him/her from the Bondage through simple and conscious living.
  • A spiritually awakened Yogi will find enough knowledge which quickens his/her spiritual growth.

Though everyone will find solace in Bhagavad Gita, it is the one who is spiritually ready to absorb its wisdom the one who will benefit the most.

Who is it not suitable For?

It is suitable for everyone, but if One is not spiritually ready yet, one can not appreciate it fully. Kids who are too young to understand Deep concepts perhaps shouldn't read it until they are intellectually capable of understanding.


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