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What is the Purpose of Life?

Perhaps there is No purpose to Life. Each according to his level of spiritual evolution will see acquiring of different objects as the primary goal of his Life.

It is easy to discuss the Goals of Life, as there can be many and goals need not be ultimate. While "Purpose" does indicate finality, and that there is a universal purpose to be achieved.

A man in Love will look to win the heart of his beloved, it becomes his serious goal. A poor man wants to become filthy rich, he might take it on as goal of his life. A very poor man wants to have at least 2 meals a day without fail for himself and the family. Some want to be Artists, writers, directors. An unhealthy man wants to get back to health.

Each of us desire different things and want to achieve something that we value. Then who is to decide what is the ultimate of all these goals? Which is that thing which is so great that it deserves to be the purpose of Life?

If there is something that fulfils all other Goals of Life, that satisfies all the cravings one can have, then that can be considered as the Purpose of Life. Devotees consider God to be the Ultimate, while Yogis call it Self-realization. 

Yogis call "Enlightenment" to be the highest there is, that which can quench all our thirsts forever. It would be impossible to convince a Man seeking wealth to be the highest in Life to reconsider, especially if he lacks the stillness (of Meditation) which gives one the strength to see the world without bias.

Each Person should rethink for himself and do what appears to be the highest thing there is to do.

Each Should try to satisfy of his/her desire (Kaama) by earning wealth (Artha) Righteously (Dharma). In one's honest efforts to fulfil desires, perhaps one slowly realizes that pleasures of the worlds are not without their counterparts(pains). Perhaps we will be needled enough towards the realization that higher pleasure and peace comes from the stilling of undisciplined mind, which will finally lead us towards the quest for Liberation (Moksha)


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