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Shuklambaradharam Vishnum: Lyrics & meaning

Lord Ganesha

This is a prayer to Lord Ganesha, who is also called "Vighneshwara", Conqueror of Obstacles. This is a Stotra in praise of him, praying to remove the obstacles on our path.

Shuklambaradharam Vishnum: Lyrics & meaning

Lyrics in Sanskrit:

शुक्लाम्बरधरं विष्णुं शशिवर्णं चतुर्भुजम् ।

प्रसन्नवदनं ध्यायेत् सर्वविघ्नोपशान्तये ॥

Lyrics in English:

ShuklaAmbara Dharam Vishnum Shashi Varnam Chatur Bhujam

Prasanna Vadanam Dhyaayet Sarva Vighnopashaantaye (Vighna Upashaantaye)

Meaning in English:

O Lord, he whose dress is the wide white sky, who is all pervading, whose arms are spread to all four sides

One with the blissful face, We meditate on you, nullify all troubles

Alternate Meaning: 

O Lord, who is wearing White colored clothes, Who is all pervading, who has four hands

Who has a peaceful, joyous face we meditate on you, remove all the obstacles.

Meanings of the words

  • Shukla: White colored
  • Ambara: Sky
  • Dhara: wearing
  • Vishnu: All Pervading
  • Chatur: Four
  • Bhujam: Arms
  • Prasanna: Satisfied, happy, peaceful
  • Vadanam: Face
  • Dhyaayet: Meditate; (from Dhyan)
  • Sarva: All
  • Vighna: Troubles
  • Upashaantaye: remove, nullify, ward off

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