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Mrityunjaya rudraya neelakanthaya: Lyrics & Meaning

Lord Shiva

Mrityunjaya rudraya neelakanthaya is a Mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is said that recitation of this mantra removes fear and fill one with vigor.

Mrityunjaya rudraya neelakanthaya: Lyrics & Meaning

Lyrics in Sanskrit:

मृत्युंजायाय रुद्राय नीलकंठाय शंभवे l

अमृतेशाय शर्वाय महादेवाय ते नम: ll

Lyrics in English (Transliteration):

Mrityunjaya Rudraya Neelakanthaya Shambhave 
Amriteshaya Sarvaya Mahadevayadhe Namaha

Meaning of the Verse:

O Lord of Death, destroyer of the physical realm, he who pervades the whole universe, he whose is the source of Bliss

The eternal one, sum total everything there is, Lord of Lords salutations to you

  • Mrityunjaya: Conqueror of Death, he who is above the bondage of body/ mind; he who is above Physical & Astral worlds
  • Rudraya: He who destroys the worlds at the end of time, so that the entire universe can appear from nothing again
  • Neelakantaya: He whose neck is blue; Shiva drank blue poison (haalaahala) to save the world; Blue is the color of omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence. It is said to be the color of the Aura of the enlightened ones. Blue also represents Vastness as in Sky, Ocean
  • Shambhave: The very source of happiness/ Bliss
  • Amriteshaya: The immortal one, Amrita= Ambrosia/ Nectar
  • Sarvaya: Sum Total of all there is, He who is consciousness and manifests as Physical, Astral & Causal worlds.
  • Mahadeva: Lord of Lords; Maha=great; Deva=God/Demi-god
  • Namaha: Salutations



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