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Importance of religious practices


In most of the temples every year there will be a Feast or Festival (Jatre, In Kannada) (KovilKodail, In Tamil). There are reasons behind each and every religious practice that exist today but for most of the practices we might not know the actual reason behind these practices. In the same way there is reason for the people celebrating Feast(kovilkodai,Jatre), it is said that these celebrations are the way to recharging the temples with positive energies.

The Pooja’s that goes whole day, the people who visits and celebrate the festival with good thoughts in mind to get blessings are the ones who bring positive energy. If positive energy joins with many of positive energy it forms a big cloud of positive energies like fission process. In Feast each one’s positive ness along spiritual master's positive energy build a cloud of positive energy of Happiness, Goodness and love.The Gopura Pooja and kalasha pooja’s also help in increasing positive energy in the temple.

The Scientific reason for DhvajaStambha in the temple: The DhvajaStambha in temple is an important feature of the Temple, which will be located straight in front of the temple. DhvajaStambha safeguards the temple from lightning strike; the temple would be saved from the devastating damage that could have been caused by lightning. And it is also said that it connects "Heaven to earth" (i.e.) it conducts the charges from the clouds above during lightning to temple through Dhvajastamba.

The God’s footprints are placed in the temples DhvajaStambha and it is worshipped. It is said that the Body of God is considered as temple where legs or pada of the God is in DhvajaStambha and head in Garbhagriha. Sometimes the flag or banner hoisted in the Temple acts as a message board and gives an idea about the deity worshipped in the temple. Another important function of it is that it’s used as a warning to the evil elements. The Dhvaja warns, "the entry of evil elements is prohibited!" 


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