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Story of three mangoes: 2 real one imaginary

Two mangoes that are three

There was a rich man, he had a son, the son was intelligent and the rich man sent him to the university to be a learned man.

The intelligent son learned very well in the college and came back home.

His father asked "Good you are home, what have you learned in the college?"

"Father I have learned many things, look, do you see those mangoes? tell me how many are there?" said the son

"There are two mangoes my son" said the son

"Now I will prove you there are three mangoes" said the son

"Ok, wait" said the curious father and called his wife also to join them to see their son proving there are three mangoes

The son using his extraordinary logic convinced everyone that there were three mangoes, everyone actually believed there were three mangoes and that they were only seeing two.

The father thought for a minute and said "Alright son, you proved it", then giving a mango to his wife he said "Now your mother will eat one mango, I will eat the second, you eat the third mango"

Moral of the story: Imaginary mango can't be eaten, don't rely on the imaginary. Know the truth live the truth

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