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To the Lotus of Right action, Wealth is the night

To the Lotus of Right action, Wealth is the night;

To the white Lotus of Sorrow, it is the Moon light;

To the lamp of clear insight, it is the wind;

To the wave of enmity, it is the flood;

To the cloud of confusion, it is the favorable wind;

To the poison of despondency, it is the aggravating agent;

It is like the serpent of evil thoughts and it adds fear to one's distress;

It is destructive snow-fall to the creeper of dispassion;

It is the nightfall to the owl of evil-desires;

It is the eclipse of the moon of wisdom;

In its presense a person's good nature shrivels.

Indeed, wealth seeks him who has already been chosen by death

- Lord Rama, Yoga Vasistha, Vairagya Prakarana

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