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Mukunduru Swami

Mukunduru Swami

mukunduru swami

Sri Basavalinga Shivayogi famously known as Mukunduru Swami was born in Siddaramana Halli of Tipatur Talluk, Tumkur, Karnataka. He was born in a poor farmer family. After facing a rough childhood his life was touched upon by a saint, it turned the child into a spiritual person. In his youth he married and led a normal householder's life.

In his later years he left his house and became a wandering sadhu. He received initiation into monastic life in 1923 from Sri Nanjunda Shivayogi. He lived most of his life in the Mukunduru hills (also known as Mallikarjuna Giri/ Malledevara betta), Malledevarapura, Hassan district. It is believed that he must have been 140 years old when he died.

He appeared like a simple villager in his dress and speaking, though uneducated he had an extraordinary insight into the scriptures like Ramayana, Mahabharata. He had an extraordinary intellect, he would talk in a very simple words or cryptic words depending on who it is intended to. He was a very joyous saint and very simple and without a hint of pride though he had extraordinary powers which he sometimes displayed for the sake of others' benefit.

His contemporary people estimated that he must have spent around 20 years in severe penance, after which he lived a life of a wandering sadhu, he sometimes would come to streets to play marble games with kids, he would go to the villagers who are grazing their cows and buffaloes and play variety of games, he would talk to plants, birds and even rocks as if they can understand him. His Leelas are many, but to every one whose life he touched he was a dear friend.

The biographical work on him titled 'Yegdagella Aite' (There is everything in Yoga) by Dr. Belagere Krishnashastri who was constantly in touch with him for 18 years (from 1949) is a spiritual master piece.

Mukunduru Swami lived last days of his life in Maragondanahalli, Javagal Hobli, Arasikere Talluk. After his death he was buried there, there is a temple in the site and an ashram.

How to get there?


The ashram is in the foot of mukunduru hills, they often serve the guests with food, eatables.

  • You can come near the ashram directly if you own a vehicle, there are many ways to get to Malledevarapura, there is a good road via Hungara Halli.
  • From Hassan you can catch a bus from platform 7 to Malledevarapura where the ashram and the hill are. You will need to walk 2 kms.
  • There are trains to Mavinakere, its only 3-5 kms from the Mukunduru Hills. But you will have to rely on your legs after that.


On the way to Arasikere from Javagal you will have to take a left turn to get to Maragondanahalli, if you can do that successfully its easy afterwards to find the location, ask around, it helps.

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