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What is the name of hindu place of worship?


Short Answer: Temple is the place where a Hindu usually worships, It is called Mandiram/ Mandira in Sanskrit.

Descriptive Answer

Hindu temple

However a hindu also worships god in his house and outside. Most Hindus who can afford to have a separate room for god have a separate room where they keep idols and pictures of deities, Some have small altars where they worship deities daily or on special days.

 Some rituals require that Hindus worship god in nature, For example farmers worship the land, trees and the crops on certain occasions. Tulsi plant is worshiped daily by some people. 

In the Morning and Evening when sun is in the Horizon some people do rituals (usually standing in water) as a part of worship of god/ spiritual advancement. 

India has many languages, Different languages use different words for temple. Mandiram, Devasthan, Devalay are used in most languages, or their variations.

  • Devalay=Deva (god) +Alay (place)
  • Devasthana=Deva (god) +sthan (place)

 Temple in Indian languages

  • Dewaaloy (comes from Devalay) in Assamese Language, Deul in Oriya, 
  • Mandir in Hindi and its sister languages like Nepali, Marathi and Gujarathi; Mondir in Bengali, Mandiram in Telugu
  • Devasthana in Kannada, Devasthanam in Telugu
  • Koil (ko+il=god+house) in Tamil


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