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God Quotes

1. What man gives, no matter how much, can't last long

2. Having faith in God and Surrendering to him is the way to be free

3. Utter the name of RajaRama, all your worries will go away

4. As you look upon creation, which appears so solid

5. This life is a master novel, written by God, and man

6. God is equally present in all, but He is most definitely expressed

7. You will find that everything will betray you

8. Falter no more.... Follow the truth that God

9. Always associate with those who are loyal to God

10. Make the effort to please God first. It is impossible to please all

11. The only way to attain salvation is to have complete loyalty to God

12. You have the power to hurt yourself or to benefit yourself

13. The laughter of the infinite God must vibrate through your smile

14. In a time of misfortune I heard Thy voice, saying:

15. More than in any other relationship we may rightfully and naturally

16. When God does not respond to your prayers, it is because you are

17. Remember, in your will lies the almighty power of God

18. The greatest man is he who considers himself to be the least

19. If your work in life is humble, do not apologise for it

20. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, for the devotee may feel

21. The rains of God's mercy cannot gather on mountain tops

22. We put forth our hands to receive God's gifts

23. Nothing in the world is as divinely intoxicating as my beloved God

24. Always in the background of your mind hum a silent

25. What you learn in meditation, practice in activity and conversation

26. From the depths of silence the geyser of God's

27. The love of God cannot be described. But it can be felt as the

28. If your work in life is humble, do not apologise for it. Be proud

29. The rains of God's mercy cannot gather on mountaintops of pride

30. Our soul intuition is a faculty of God. He has no mouth, yet He tastes everything

31. If we use the mind properly, we can understand how God is beyond mind and intellect

32. You are your own enemy and you don't know it. You don't learn

33. The love of God cannot be described. But it can be felt

34. It is because God wants you that I am here with you

35. When one has found his guru there should be unconditional

36. I never miss you all when I am away, because inwardly you

37. Without a guru the average devotee cannot find God

38. It is easy for me to plant the seed of love for the Divine

39. Anything of which you are cognizant has a relative vibration within yourself

40. You know when you are doing wrong. Your whole being tells you

41. By constantly following the inner voice of conscience

42. It is all right to enjoy life; the secret of happiness is not to become

43. Renunciation is not an end, it is the means to an end

44. At heart renounce everything, and realize that you are just playing

45. A lazy person never finds God.

46. The Lord wants us to escape this delusive world

47. The greatest romance is with the Infinite

48. God will not tell you that you should desire Him above all else

49. He is the nearest of the near, the dearest of the dear

50. All my questions have been answered, not through man but through God

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